Current WIP: Flight, a novel-length sequel to two of my favorite fairy tales
Current WIP: "Forged in Blood" (working title), the short story of a blacksmith in the post-fairy war, trying to make a living and keep her head down--and the mysterious visitor who makes that impossible

Short Fiction, Semi-Fiction, Nonfiction

“Breadcrumbs,” in Unspun (2018). “Every day was much the same for Gretel. She awoke, suddenly, to a piercing scream echoing through her nightmares, accompanied by the smell of gingerbread. She startled from bed, her heart pounding. She told herself that it was just a dream, but that was a lie.” Gretel must face the nightmares of her past if she hopes to have a future.

“The Nanny Job,” in Timeless Tales ezine (2018, publication forthcoming). Snow White just wanted a job she wouldn’t hate—and paying for those therapy bills would be nice. But she got something a little unexpected.

“The Promise of Snow,” in Love Undefined (2017). “Ivana hated it here. Her skin itched. When she scratched, her last tufts of fur scraped away, revealing pale new skin—human skin—still itching. ... She should have listened when they told her to stay away from the otherworld.” When Ivana falls in love in a new, strange world, she and Tomas must find a world they can both abide, together.

“Forty Years” (2017)
Somewhat inspired by a true story (you can read about that here), the story of a woman and her difficult relationship with her now-dead mother
Winner of the Mormon Lit Blitz

“No Substitute for Chocolate” (2012)
Short fiction on the dilemma of Mother’s Day
Third place winner in Mormon Lit Blitz, republished on Everyday Mormon Writer

“The Gift of Eve” (2011)
On the joy and fear of childbirth and living

Works Posted on This Blog:
Note: Since I publish a lot of short pieces on this blog, I’ve decided it’s crazy talk to try to keep up the links here. So, as of July 2013, I probably won’t anymore. I have gone back through my posts and made sure they're all tagged with “Flash Fiction,” so you can find them that way. Hope you enjoy!
A bit of flash fiction loosely based on Perrault’s “Diamonds and Toads”

A lighthearted take on the “I’m a Mormon” ad campaign (of which you can see examples at It occurred to me that it might be funny if various superheroes were members of my faith. So I figured, why not?
What if Cinderella was a little more clever than we thought? What if the prince had troubles she could help him solve?

Various excerpts from Unsightly (previously Eye of the Beholder)

Pretty much all of this stuff is dreams and thoughts right now. Bits and pieces.

Novels Planned (or at least Considered) in the Sight Series
From my romantic fantasy fairy tale retelling, Unsightly, grew a number of other ideas that I’m pretty excited about. They are, variously, adventure novels, court intrigues, and coming of age stories. Oh, and with a little romance thrown in to keep some of us happy.

The Second Sight, current WIP, a very loose prequel to Unsightly (as in, it’s 500 years earlier)
Tambre is a commoner who is about to discover she has an uncommon talent. Eniree is a princess with a secret that could destroy her kingdom. Together they must find a way to save the things they hold most dear from an unknown—but vaguely foreseen—threat.

The Sightless Queen, very vaguely planned, a direct sequel to The Second Sight
Queen Eniree, newly crowned following her brother’s disastrous war, struggles to stabilize her kingdom, cast out traitors, and correctly see the changed world she is now living in—without seeing at all.

Unsightly (also variously called Eye of the Beholder, Sight Unseen, and “that Beauty and the Beast thing”; who knows what I will call it tomorrow?), finished manuscript currently on the shelf, a YA retelling of Beaumont’s “Beauty and the Beast”

The Price of Sight, maybe halfway through first draft, a loose sequel to Unsightly
Minette discovers that you can’t always avoid magic, no matter how hard you try. And when she gains greater power than she ever wanted, she must learn how to control it before external enemies and internal fears destroy her.

Because you were just dying to know. . . 

Also in the works are a few random novels that may or may not go anywhere someday. I reserve the right to trash or resurrect them as the whim takes me. They include the following:

Turning Left: Gillian Lewis lives out two separate but parallel lives, meets two very different boys, and finds two different ways to love when her senior year of high school begins with one tiny question. Should she turn right or left?

You Can’t Get Drunk on Dandelion Wine: Okay, truthfully, this will never become a novel. But I can’t resist mentioning it because it was so ridiculously and awesomely autobiographical, and it was that first novel I really devoted any true attention to writing, back in the day. Summer romance, growing up, doing the unexpected, wishing on stars, and running through sprinklers. Happy sigh. I still get a little tingly when I think about it.

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