Thursday, February 28, 2013

Conference Coming

A while back I learned about the LDStorymakers conference, and my first thought was, “I wish I still lived in Utah.” Then my second thought was, “I could always fly back.” Followed by, “That’s completely crazy and way too expensive.” A whole series of other boring thoughts came next, including fantasies in which my fantastic, brilliant perfection was discovered to wild critical acclaim and incredible riches. And there was probably at least one thought about pizza or Steak-Out. (Tragedy! No more Steak-Out franchise in Provo!)

The series of conflicting and extraneous thoughts continued for weeks on end, until I finally reached a decision (with the help and support of the most amazing husband ever). I’m going to this conference. Yes, I am flying out, spending exorbitant amounts of cash for a hobby (the hobby I love, the hobby that helps keep me somewhat sane, but so far a hobby nonetheless), and soaking up the atmosphere and awesomeness of it all. I’m going to learn a ton, hear from some wonderful people, and get some great feedback on my work. Who knows? Maybe I’ll still get the wild critical acclaim as well. Wink wink.

All of this leads me up to tonight’s real topic: the conference itself and the “Show Your Love” contest.

First of all, the conference is for people who want to/like to write, and it isn’t free. But if you’re in Utah and serious about writing (and also probably Mormon), you might want to consider it.* Second, even if you don’t want to write, Anne Perry will be the keynote speaker on Friday evening, 10 May, and you could come see her for only $15. Should be fun times.

In the meantime, since I’m going, I thought I might as well go all out and try to rub elbows with as many bigwigs as I could manage in one weekend. So I’m entering the “Show Your Love” contest (by writing this blog post! amazing!). And wouldn’t it be just shiny if I got to sit at a table with the VIPs and they thought I was just fabulous and decided to publish my novels sight unseen—to wild critical acclaim, of course? (We really just can’t forget all this wild critical acclaim business, you know.) So let’s all cross our fingers for me.

I should mention that before I was notified of this contest, I was going to happily avoid telling pretty much anyone that I was doing this. Sure, the hubby had to know. My sister had to know (if I’m staying at her apartment for the conference, I kind of have to tell her). A best friend had to know. Another person or two. But generally I was going to pretend that it wasn’t happening so that no one would be the wiser when I felt silly or weird about it.

This was not to be.

Now I’m just going to have to happily declare that I am indeed flying out for this conference. My writing matters to me, more than I can explain. This is an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, and one that my husband wouldn’t have let me pass up.

So, blah blah blah, etc., etc. I’m flying out for a weekend in May. I’ll update you when it’s all over.

*It’s not restricted to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), but we are certainly the target audience for the conference.


  1. I think that's terribly exciting and just generally fantastic that you are going.

    Also, I am looking forward to reading your amazing published works some day. Also, my brain is slowly starting to return and I am going to have a little more time to use it starting this fall, so if you need another beta-reader-person by then, let me know. :)

    Also, it's just really shiny that you are going to the conference. Hooray!

    1. You know what? I think you may have just made my morning. Thanks for making me feel cool about going to the conference! If I weren't already related to you, I'd want to be.

      Also, you are amazing for all that you do for/with those kiddos of yours. I'm impressed that your brain is returning. I'm barely starting to feel more put together after Addra, and I only have two kiddos to contend with. Go you!