Friday, August 23, 2013

My Other Blogging Locale

It occurs to me that I meant to mention this, well, yesterday! Starting yesterday, I will be writing fortnightly* at Mormon Mommy Writers. Join me there for some Mormon Mommy Writing fun!

Here was my first post. Enjoy!

*My use of this word is all part of my personal crusade to bring "fortnight" back into common usage. Join me! Start saying "fortnight" whenever you can manage. No longer do you get a biweekly paycheck--now it's fortnightly! No longer do you wash the sheets every other week--it's every fortnight! And me--I don't just get cramping once a month; I get it every fortnight! Joy!** I'm sure you can think of some other wonderful places to say "fortnight." Come on, you know you want to.***
**At least mittelschmerz has some good uses, right?
***Did anyone else notice that my footnotes were significantly longer than the post itself?

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