Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On the Eve of November

This is my fourth attempt at writing something meaningful and clear and interesting here. So far it hasn’t worked. So let me lay it out straight, incomplete, and unpretty:

When I wrote up my November challenge, I was happy to see that several people had things they really did want to do and might actually be encouraged to work on in November (list below). But I also realized that I hadn’t defined the idea well enough or broadly enough. Some people have crazy, insane dreams like publishing novels. Some people don’t. This is all perfectly well and good. Quite frankly, I am actually kind of jealous of people whose dreams are more domestic (this is a topic for later, one I haven’t really fleshed out or fully understood yet). So if you don’t have a huge November project, maybe you could have some “smaller” things to work on (small perhaps in physical scope but not in effect or level of personal importance). Or maybe you are already living and doing the things that are really important to you. If so, congrats! That’s awesome. I’m really jealous of you too. I struggle on a daily basis to do the writing I want to do (if I did as much as I meant to, you’d be hearing from me a lot more often). I struggle on a daily basis to do the mothering I want to do (if I did, my children would be a lot happier, be cleaner and better fed, and feel more loved).
So whatever it is that brings you joy and brings you closer to who you are meant to be, do a little more of that this month! Or just do what you already told me you might do…

Dawn: Finish up 30 days’ worth of sewing projects! I’m already excited to see everything you make.

Kem: Write a racecar game (step 1 in a plan that I think sounds supercool).

Kirsa: Start painting her Giant Canvas of Doom (or, you know, just a giant canvas without any 

Marci: Work on her art projects, fifteen minutes a day. (Granted, I haven’t heard how Hurricane Sandy treated her family--in New York--so she may have more urgent matters to attend to in November.)

Marneen: Decide which of her awesome ideas would make her feel happiest at the end of the month. Then do that one! :)

Meghan: Write a novel, baby!

Michael: Write a novel (a different one from Meghan’s)! :)

Michelle: Finish that tree skirt—just in time for Christmas!

I suppose I should also toss in my plans for November, in case you’d forgotten (not likely, I know, given the amount of time I spend talking about it). Fifty thousand words! A novel! Craziness! Cashing in all my wifey points! Avoiding Facebook like the plague! And also avoiding blogs and email too! And tossing in a few exclamation points, just for good measure!!! These are the things I have planned for November.

Okay, people, go and do! And keep me updated! And take pictures so we can all revel in our awesomeness at the end of the month!

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